Solar panels are an excellent investment for any type of business, reducing carbon footprint and
helping you reach corporate sustainability goals, or maybe just a simple help from your home.
However, these delicate installations can be damaged over time by nesting birds and falling
leaves, causing electrical faults and even fires. Here at XPros Exterior Image Professionals, we
offer comprehensive bird proofing solar panel services to help prevent damage and greatly
protect your investment. Our experienced team of technicians don’t only provide you superior
quality and efficient bird proofing for your solar panels, but they also ensure that your properties
are safe from any and all types of calamities, bird nesting, and bird droppings. To maintain
optimum efficiency long-term, here are some of the benefits and advantages when you decide
to apply for bird proofing solar panel installations for your homes.

Reducing Noise & Mess

It’s a common notion that solar panels provide the perfect sheltered environment for pigeons
and gulls to nest, though ideal for birds, it’s not so great for the solar panels of your home. One
good indication that birds have been nesting beneath your solar panels includes scratching
sounds and increased bird droppings around your property. Well, don’t wait for it to worsen and
immediately call on the bird proofing solar panel professionals. When you call on XPros, we’ll go
there immediately to inspect your property, then perform a solar panel cleaning service to
ensure that before we do any bird proofing solar panel installation, the area beneath your panels
is safe and free of any dirt like falling leaves and debris.

Prevent Permanent Damage to your Property

Bird droppings can be very acidic and over time, it can cause corrosion to solar panels and their
wiring. With the risk of birds pecking through wires, there’s also a risk of electric faults which
could even lead to a fire. When there’s a huge fire that can damage your property, it will be hard
to reconstruct it and it will take several months too. To avoid business downtime and permanent
damage to your premises, we recommend finding a bird proofing company like XPros to install
precautionary bird proofing measures.

Increase your Solar Panel’s Efficiency

There are several enemies to solar panel efficiency, with shade being one of the most common
ones. Shading, caused by shadow being cast over your solar panels, can reduce efficiency by
up to 40%, causing you to lose large amounts of potential solar generation. Also applies when
birds nest underneath your solar panels, having large amounts of droppings, can cause the
same effect on your panels as shade. By implementing conventional bird proofing for solar
panels such as netting and spike systems, you can increase your solar panel’s efficiency and
get the MOST out of your investment. With XPros, you are assured of superior quality service,
and we’ll definitely make sure that you and your property are taken care of. Moreover, our
chemical-free cleaning solutions that are USDA and EPA approved used for bird proofing for
your solar panels will not impact surfaces, soils, plants, people, and animals; hence, creating an
environment that’s also safe for the other beings surrounding your property.

Aside from providing you excellent bird proofing solar panel installations, we also ensure that we
are able to help contribute to the overall good of the community. XPros Exterior Image
Professionals proudly support local community events and functions, non-profit organizations,
civic clubs, and youth sports teams and organizations. We believe that through our cooperation,
we can maintain a clean, friendly environment in our community. Call on Xpros now for the best
bird proofing service!