When it comes to installing a new solar panel system, most homeowners simply think about just
buying actual solar panels and not the actual whole installation process of the solar panel bird
proofing. More so, there are multiple pieces of equipment that come along with your solar
installation, but did you know that additional product enhancements exist to further optimize
your investment for your solar panels?

What is a Critter Guard?

A solar critter guard is a physical barrier that wraps around your solar array to block the
uninvited guests, as well as prevent excess leaves from getting trapped under your panels.
Aside from that, critter guards for solar panels also protect your solar system’s wires from being
chewed on or damaged by small rodents such as squirrels or rats. These critter guards for solar
panels consist of strips of metal screening that are secured outside of your panels. With many
homeowners looking to keep installation costs low, not every solar company will offer critter
guard as a project standard. But why should it be a good & necessary investment to add with
your solar panel bird proofing system? Aside from your panels being protected from birds and
rodents, having a critter guard for your solar panels will also protect you from potential fire
hazards due to the dry vegetation of the leaves or twigs getting hot under the panels.
Alternatively, without critter guards, leaves stuck under the solar panels could trap moisture
after rain and lead to roof rot or create weak spots on your roof.

Why do you need a critter guard?

Though often overlooked, critter guards for solar panels are considered important because they:

  • Prevent wires from being chewed: It’s inevitable that squirrels and rodents, as small
    as they are, go under the solar panels even if they have just been installed. They can
    chew exposed wires and contribute to expensive repairs. When the critter guards for
    solar panels are in place, the cables are no longer accessible to the critters who may
  • Prevent Nests: Birds may find shelter under your solar panels, even if you have done
    some solar panel bird proofing for your roof, because they find it cozy and warm. Once
    created, these nests come with dirt and bird feces build-up that can decrease your solar
    panel system’s efficiency.
  • Prevent Leaves and Debris Build-Up: Aside from animals, critter guards for solar
    panels can also prevent leaves and debris from building up and getting stuck around
    your solar panels. When you have the critter guards in place, you won’t have to clean
    out and around your solar panels on your roof, saving you time, money, and effort.

Depending on your property, residential or commercial, there will also be different kinds of critter
guards dedicated specifically to the kind of your property. When aesthetics matter to you, then
you may want to get a critter guard that adheres directly to your mounting gear. These are often
made of grills that will still allow the air to pass underneath your solar panels but make it
impossible for any type of critter to build their nest beneath the panels. Another option you may

consider is a solar skirt to give your solar panels a sleek appearance. To prevent damage and
debris buildup from small animals who randomly nestle in and make their home on your panels,
call on the professionals to do the work for you– XPros. Aside from giving you quality and
exceptional solar panel cleaning, bird proofing, and critter guard installations, we’ll also guide
you every step of the way on how you’ll be able to take care of your property and solar panels.