The benefits of powering your home with solar power can quickly fade if you don’t adequately
care for your solar panels. One way to ensure your solar panel system’s longevity and
continued efficacy is by applying for exceptional pigeon proofing solar panel services by XPros
Exterior Image Professionals. Pigeons are known to build their nests under the solar panels,
more so, the anchors used to secure the solar panels to roofs make for the perfect anchoring for
their nests. Solar panels have saved hundreds and thousands of people in California and
beyond a lot of money on monthly electric bills; hence, it is entirely important for you to keep
your panels durable and maintained for a long time.

Choosing a Pigeon Proofing Installer

It is entirely important to choose a pigeon proofing solar panel company who has experience
working at heights and removing pigeons carefully, as this is essential for health and safety. We
are licensed, insured, and we guarantee that all our customers receive the best kind of pigeon
and bird proofing installation they need, as well as solar panel cleaning, awning cleaning, and
pressure washing services. Get a company that can do all of these without hurting your wallet
while not compromising the kind of service they deliver! Call on XPros now to get the best bird
and pigeon proofing for your property.

Outstanding Pigeon Proofing System

Over the years, XPros Exterior Image Professionals has developed a long-lasting, guaranteed
pigeon proofing solar panel system that greatly helped a lot of our customers. We use a
discreet, long-lasting, galvanized bird wire mesh that successfully stops pigeons from getting
under solar panel arrays. We make sure that our pigeon proofing for your solar panels won’t
destroy the framework or support structure of your panels, so that your solar panel warranty will
not be voided. You can drastically reduce the upkeep and maintenance costs of your solar
panels by installing the solar bird mesh. While it is unavoidable that bird droppings will end up
on your roof panels, the installation of the bird mesh will significantly decrease this phenomenon
of the solar panels being destroyed. Mesh allows more time between panel maintenance
services, meaning fewer headaches and lower costs!
With our pigeon proofing solar panel systems implemented on your properties, residential or
commercial, we’re able to increase the longevity and efficacy of your solar panels by keeping it
clear of any debris that may negatively affect the performance of the system. As bird droppings
are highly corrosive and can seriously damage your solar panels and anchoring over time,
taking solar panel bird protection measures reduces the risk of damage to your solar system
Pigeon proofing solar panels by the experts at XPros Exterior Image Professionals will definitely
help you get the most out of your switch to solar energy. Why? Because we always want to
make sure that your solar array is working at its peak performance at all times with our cutting

edge bird proofing equipment and latest state-of-the-art techniques. Our experienced team or
pigeon proofing professionals have completed a variety of pigeon proofing at a competitive
price, with utmost excellent customer service. We provide a full range of bird and pigeon proof
solar panel solutions, and if we don’t have the product you are looking for, simply get in touch
with us and we’ll help you with whatever kind of solar panel service that you need. Here at
Xpros, we value our services as much as we value you, our customers. We strive to be the most
reliable, most professional, and most outstanding solar company near you!