Have you got birds making your solar panels their home? Do you need to stop them from
nesting under your solar panels? Don’t worry, XPros Exterior Image Professionals is licensed,
ensured, and will guarantee the cleaning of your solar panels, removing nests, and installing
high quality secure wire mesh systems to prevent the problem from recurring.

Birds nesting under your solar panels occur often because the warmth of the solar panels
naturally make an attractive living space for pigeons and other kinds of birds. However, this can
cause a nuisance to any homeowner, and could cause damage and additional blockages in the
property such as blocked gutters and drains. To avoid such kind of nuisance, XPros makes use
of high quality solar panel bird proofing equipment and the latest up-to-date techniques to
properly and successfully install many solar panel bird proofing systems for homes and other
commercial properties which involves bird nest removal, solar panel cleaning, and then a kind of
bird proofing system to prevent birds and pigeons from taking a liking to your solar panels, and
for you to enjoy your homes too!

Exceptional Quality & Technique

While others don’t see it as something important or to be looked upon, it is entirely important
that you should invest to protect your solar investment. With our top of the line solar panel bird
proofing services, all our residential and commercial customers are able to keep their solar
panels clean and protected from any random bird droppings, nests, and other bird-related
issues. Here at XPros, we make sure that we use materials that are long-lasting and effective in
making birds not attracted to your social panels. The protective mesh that we utilize has a
lifespan of up to ten years, and we provide a one-year installers warranty. Moreover, the clips
we use to fasten the barrier are also specially made to mount against the bottom of the frame,
around your entire array. Our solar panel bird proofing uses no bolts or adhesives, which will
keep your system’s warranty VALID and consists of thick gauged mesh, built to last!

How can you protect your solar panels against bird nesting & dropping?

With our chemical-free cleaning solutions that are USDA and EPA approved, we want to make
sure that your solar panels are protected for a long time. Hence, while we aren’t on your
property everyday, we still want to help you on how to avoid further bird nestings and droppings.
With our conventional solar panel bird proofing services, you can further protect your solar
panels by:

  • Keeping food waste and scraps away from your outdoor area as it will be a perfect spot
    for birds to get food from and nest under the gaps of the roof and solar panels;
  • Throwing away twigs and clear debris built surrounding the roof or solar panel. Tiny
    twigs and dirty build-ups may encourage birds to use the designated space for nesting
  • Making sure you collect and store food waste in COVERED BINS with SECURE LIDS to
    restrict birds from gaining access to the place;
  • Considering solar panel bird mesh installation. It will protect your solar panels from bird
    debris and droppings that may cause major damages to PV Panels.

Before performing our solar panel bird proofing installation, we’ll make sure to clean the
droppings, nests, and other debris from around and under your solar array. Aside from the
health risks, the nesting and roosting of birds can create an unwelcoming eye-sore and birds
can create a haven which can welcome other pests. With this, our exceptional solar panel bird
proofing will not only protect your exterior image, but will also keep it looking at its best!